Vision Checks | 4 Ways Women Can Exploit Maximum Value at an Eye Check-Up

If you're having trouble with your vision, then a visit to the optometrist will help assess whether the issue is temporary or permanent. Failure to smartly plan will result in a less than adequate appointment, so follow these tips to make the most of your vision check-up.

Don't Wear Eye Make-Up To The Exam

If you're visiting the optometrist for an eye exam, then give up your eye make-up just for the day. Make-up can emit some gooey substances around your eye and can compromise the readings. Moreover, your eye make-up can get smudged when the doctor examines your eyes closely or pours eye drops in them. If you insist on wearing a little make-up, avoid the eye area near your lashes because these are where your eye glands are located. The best thing to do is to carry your make-up with you and apply it after your appointment.

Tie Up Your Hair To Prevent It From Getting In Your Face

If you have long hair or even a fringe, then it can get in the way of your eye exam with the optometrist. You naturally want to ensure that everything with your eyesight is in order, so the best thing to do is to tie your hair back and pin up any forehead-covering bangs to get the most value from your visit. Preventing your hair from getting into your eyes will allow you to concentrate better on your eye exam without any distractions.

Avoid Wearing Heels To The Appointment

Keep in mind that the optometrist may apply some eye drops during the exam, which can possibly make your vision blurry temporarily. Even if you have someone joining you for the appointment, don't make the mistake of wearing heels because even the slightest blurry vision could cause you to lose your footing and trip. Your appointment at the optometrist may then turn into an emergency department visit.

Carry Your Medicare Card In Your Purse To The Appointment

You don't want to forget to carry your Medicare card with you simply because you've switched purses. Either the night before or the morning of your appointment, do a quick check to ensure your Medicare card is in the purse you'll be using that day. As an Australian citizen or resident, a visit to the optometrist is typically covered as a subsidised payment under the national healthcare scheme. If you visit a bulk-billing (sending bills directly to the government) optometrist, then you won't need to shell out any money for your appointment. If you decide not to go to a bulk-billing optometrist, then Medicare will cover 85 percent of the fee.

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