Three Warning Signs That Indicate You Should Visit An Eye Care Clinic

An eye care clinic is the premier medical facility for all things eye-related, but the question is, when do you need to visit?  Many people overestimate their own vision simply because they do not want to accept the fact that they might need glasses or a simple procedure to see better again. However, poor vision can be quite dangerous and it only gets worse and worse without treatment from an ophthalmologist at an eye care clinic. If you see any of the following common signs, it is a direct warning to go and get your eyes checked before it is too late.

Low Light Problems

A common problem for people having macular degeneration (or a host of other eye issues) is the loss of vision when night starts to roll around. If you begin struggling to see very far or make out even close shapes and patterns when the light starts to get low, then you need to get checked right away. Sometimes this problem can be reversed through surgery and sometimes it can merely be stopped from getting any worse. The only sure thing is that it will get worse if you don't do anything about it, and soon too.


Floaters are never a good sign even though most people consider them nothing more than a weird visual illusion that your body tricks you with. In actuality, floaters can be a symptom of problems with your retina, and if you have diabetes, then it is likely related to diabetic retinopathy. With an ever-increasing amount of Australians with diabetes, this is becoming more and more of a problem, so make sure if you do have diabetes and you notice floaters that you go to an eye care clinic right away, Diabetic retinopathy can be stopped in its tracks, but only if you act fast.

Light Hurts Your Eyes

If you begin to get sharp, stabbing pains in your eye whenever you get exposed to bright lights, such as the outside sunlight, then you could have a whole host of problems from macular edema to a simple hangover. Of course, if you haven't been drinking then the last cause would be ruled out, and if that is not the case then you should proceed with caution. Sensitivity to light can be threatening to your overall vision, and it is necessary to make sure all the nerves and surrounding parts of your eye still function properly and are not being pinched. 

For more information, contact an eye care clinic in your area.

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